Meet WEEcommunicate latest System Upgrade Version 5.0
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Meet WEEcommunicate latest System Upgrade Version 5.0

Meet WEEcommunicate latest System Upgrade Version 5.0

Wednesday, August 31, 2022 / Michael Kettenring

Events are back after 2 years of suffering from the effects of Covid, literally!

Not surprisingly, this new emergence of events has revitalized the on-site conference activities. It has also established virtual events as a solid venue parallel to on-site events. What is interesting is that associations and event planners utilize the virtual venue increasingly for smaller events, such as weekly webinars and member mixers. In other words, there are many smaller virtual events offered by our customers in addition to larger conferences. Or more bluntly, event planners have their hands full, juggling business opportunities without getting slowed down by so many different technologies in the event space.

WEEcommunicate has always been innovative by offering an All-in-One solution that simplifies operational processes while ensuring a state-of-the-art customer experience online. This new trend has inspired the WEEcommunicate team to offer two additional sets of features supporting associations and event planners with the increased workflow:

  • We introduce a refreshed user experience for small virtual webinars during the registration as well as attendance. It comes packaged with an easy-to-use event management panel so event planners can set up webinars within minutes.
  • We relaunch the Project App with a new profit and loss feature so you can record payments and revenue in real-time to always be on top of profitability of each project, for example an event or webinar.

Read more about the new features of this latest version 5.0:

  • Added a profit & loss calculator and ledger to the Project APP that will empower users to not only plan projects but also track expenses and revenue and report on profits in real-time with easy-to-read charts.
  • Updated the Event registration functionality to add event tracks to the registration with business rules to make them optional or required. This lets users create more business models in the complex world of event registrations.
  • Enable a registration as a “guest” so there is no customer login required when registering for an event. This simplifies the registration process for each customer.
  • Added a simplified Virtual Event Login with email address only while maintaining data security and data safety. My Account access will remain locked.
  • Relaunched the Virtual Event Platform with enhanced user experience supporting "single session events". The new simplified user interface is optional and helps the attendee to focus on one session without the many features offered in more elaborate conferences such as banners, sponsor pages, exhibits, resources, search opportunities and more.

The version 5.0 is available on all our platforms as of September 1st, 2022, without impacting the license fees.

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About WEEcommunicate:

WEEcommunicate offers an affordable and easy-to-use CRM All-in-One Software that is available on-demand. Our customers only pay for the features they need with the ability to add more features at any time. This dramatically reduces their IT costs of our clients as integration costs between systems are no longer needed. WEEcommunicate APP Suite consists of most Marketing and Sales oriented applications you need to run your business successfully. And in case you require something unique, we are more than happy to customize and configure our solutions to meet your requirements.