Breaking down Data Silos: The All-in-One Approach
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Breaking down Data Silos: The All-in-One Approach

Breaking down Data Silos: The All-in-One Approach

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Imagine you can generate new contacts and leads, nurture them, convert them into customers, and even transact with them using a single software platform. Maybe even host weekly webinars, and send out surveys to collect feedback? This means no more broken processes or isolated databases, no piecemeal software, no partial reporting. 

This is the world of WEEcommunicate. Our philosophy has been from day one to provide our customers with one robust and modular solution that supports all their needs. The chart details all available APPs available today.

This new thinking has drastically cut IT costs for our customers while giving them true real-time analytics to build business intelligence.

We are about to launch our latest version of our All-in-One Business Solution, version 5.0. It lets you switch on each App on demand at an affordable fee and no development costs. 
Our easy-to-use user interface helps your users to work comfortably based on their job description. We have added many collaborative features for your post-Covid remote teamwork.


Simplifying Association Management

All associations have two things in common: (1) a complex business model that needs to drive engagement with members through a variety of interactive events, and (2) limited funding to support the business.

Traditional association management software apps often impose limits because they do not offer innovative ways to serve members in a post-Covid world. Or they become more difficult to use as they add piecemeal apps to their core system as recently with Virtual Event platforms. 

Meet WEEcommunicate for Associations and Event Planners, our latest vertical Business Solution

Instead, WEEcommunicate is built as a modular solution in which our customers can add features as they innovate their business model. There are no software integration costs, no long development periods and no lost data. 

This truly innovative approach simplifies the workflow and collaboration in a new remote workplace. Our customers give us feedback that they experience impressive advantages in their marketing, are increasing their membership dues, and automate previously tedious manual processes.

WEEcommunicate Business Solutions have been successfully utilized by Educational Institutions, Fortune 500 companies, Government organizations, non-profit Associations and Event Planners.

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