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Let's check out the main Features

CRM Client Relationship Management
The CRM (Client Relationship Management) is a "Must Have" for any organization. It is a system that aims to improve the relationship with existing customers, find new prospective customers, and win back former customers. Our CRM software facilitates collecting, organizing, and managing customer information - all in one place.

Major benefits and features include:

  • Lead management: Manage all leads and contacts, addresses, roles within an organization and more
  • Sales Pipeline: Identify and manage all business opportunities related to the leads. Nurture and convert into customers.
  • Track notes: Manage all communications with the contacts, collaborate within teams
  • Track activities: Collect all communications such as form submissions, transactions
  • Achieve a 360-degree LIFE view of each contacts
  • Enhance real-time information of all interactions between contact and your organization
  • Report on your Marketing and Sales initiatives
  • The CRM is automatically integrated into all other APPS of the platform without any IT additional API development costs
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Campaign Manager
Are you interested in generating new demand for your products and services? If yes, this Marketing APP is a critical piece of the puzzle.

The Campaign Manager let's you set up and manage marketing campaigns, track leads, and calculate the return-on-investment of your marketing budget in real-time.
You can easily track social media campaigns, email campaigns, outbound call campaigns and much more regardless of the channel. Leads are instantly inserted into the CRM.

The reporting dashboard provides you with charts to measure the success of each campaign.
Form Builder
As a part of the Marketing APP, the Form Builder is a critical demand generation tool.

The Form Builder let's you create HTML forms and publish them online. Whether you publish them on your website, channel websites or social media sites, all leads will be inserted into the CRM using our built-in API - no coding experience necessary.
Fully customizable form fields, fully-responsive HTML design features will create a user-friendly experience for your users.
Email Marketing
Another essential initiative of Marketing is Email Marketing. offers a native email system to simplify your online marketing. It can also be fully integrated with Mailchimp, a third-party email manager. This free out-of-the-box feature is extremely powerful as you can now synchronize your contacts with your professional email system with ease.
Best of all, our contact segmentation logics and Mailchimp's segmentation logics are working hand-in-hand so you can develop high-quality campaigns, targeted to your preferred audience. Our Tagging system synchronizes with Mailchimp in real-time. This makes old fashioned mailing lists a thing of the past.
As a result you will achieve higher click-though rates and more satisfied customers.
Event Manager
Are you an Event Planner, or Event Manager for your organization? Then continue reading!

The Event Manager offers you a full tool set to make all of your events a success story:

  • Event Set up: Our All-in-One Platform let's you create the event with all of its details such as venue, target audience, business rules.
  • Event Website: Design your fully responsive event website within minutes.
  • Event Registration: Create an online event registration site that can be fully customized to support your special event needs. It provides you full merchant account integration with real-time e-commerce capabilities.
  • Virtual Events: You can create a virtual event within our platform with ease. Whether networking events, seminars, webinars, or elaborate conventions - we support all event types. You can use streaming apps such as Zoom, and embed them seamlessly within the platform for an enhanced customer experience.
  • Reporting: Our reporting dashboard makes it easy to track each event, measure the success of your event.
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Member Manager
If you manage an Association, Charity, Chamber of Commerce - basically any member-based organization, then you have heard of Member Software is that and much more:

  • Memberships: Create unlimited memberships with member benefits, pricing, access rules.
  • Memberships types: We support a wide range of types, from social networking via individual memberships to complex corporate memberships with advanced benefits and rules.
  • Member Registration: Create your professional online registration site within minutes. It provides you full merchant account integration with real-time e-commerce capabilities.
  • Financial Transactions: All transactions can be automated, so you don't have to manually process them again and again.
  • Reporting: Our reporting dashboard makes it easy to track each member, measure the success of your member marketing.
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Quotes & Invoices
Are you still sending out quotes and invoices manually? Are you chasing accounts receivables? Quotes & Invoices APP helps you create a more seamless customer experience, and reduce the stress of monitoring cash flow.
The Quotes APP let's you set up proposals or quotes and send them to your customers via a PDF document or webpage. You can even set up an approval process for your customers to approve with one click, or full signature.
Quotes can be converted into invoices, submitted to your customers automatically. Best of all, you can collect the payment via credit card payments or ACH online in a fully secure manner.
Transactions can be exported into spreadsheet for accounting.
Website Builder
The Website Builder is a powerful tool to design web pages. The purpose is not to replace but to enhance your existing website.

While your existing website promotes your brand and your organization, the Website Builder acts as an intelligent add-on.
It works seamlessly with all other APPS out-of-the-box to publish privileged content, which your existing website cannot do.
You can create pages and posts only accessible by a dedicated target group after login. The login information is managed in your Customer APP, which works hand-in-hand with the Website Builder.

  • Members only: Publish content for specific memberships or work groups.
  • Projects: Publish progress reports for project teams by topic.
  • Customers: Publish content for specific customer groups.
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Project Manager
The Project Manager is a project management APP that combines powerful project planning and scheduling features with collaboration tools for teams.
Plan small projects or long-term projects in an easy-to-use user interface. Adjust due dates with easy drag-and-drop scheduling. Project Manager takes project planning to a whole new level as it is fully integrated into all other APPS of the WEEcommunicate platform.

The Complete Customer Engagement Solution for your Business

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  • Generate Revenue and Transact Online
  • Streamline Your Operations
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What Our Clients Say


WEEcommunicate is a true All-in-One platform that combines client relationship management with many operations software modules, such as member payment modules and an event registration system. It even comes with an integrated virtual event platform which allows us to produce and stream our weekly webinars at a fraction of the cost.

We can highly recommend WEEcommunicate for their quality, service and low cost. They really are going out of their way to be a great technology partner.

What Our Clients Say

Full Service
Event Management

WEEcommunicate has elevated our client relationship management to a new level giving us great insight into our customers interests and activities in the past. We can finally run real-time marketing reports by market segment and event types. No more spreadsheets with outdated data. This makes informed decision making much easier.

We saved more than 40% of our IT costs since we worked with WEEcommunicate.

What Our Clients Say

SRE Travel Club
Vacation Portal

WEEcommunicate has been able to launch a fully operational technology platform and customer facing website with travel booking features within weeks, not months! It comes with a customizable membership management system that allows our members secure access to their member profiles and payment options.

WEEcommunicate offers the only client relationship management software that gives us comprehensive reporting capabilities. The built-in email platform keeps our members informed about the latest specials without the need to buy different software packages.