Client Relationship Management

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Be Informed - Always

Get a 360 Degree View


Create Transparency


Find What's Important


Work Anywhere - Anytime


Identify Qualified Leads


Manage Opportunities


Optimize Sales Funnel


Ensure Accountability


Manage Tasks On Time


Set Reminders


Collaborate & Delegate


Real-Time Reporting


Connecting all Departments

CRM - Members - Events - Sales - Operations

Our CRM empowers you to manage your contacts through the complete lifecycle

Your Company
Timing is everything.
  • Generating demand in time
  • Identifying qualified leads when they are truly ready
  • Completing projects when they are due
  • Guiding your team in real-time
Meet WEEcommunicate CRM - Helping you to set your priorities to optimize your business.
Your Revenue
What makes WEEcommunicate CRM so unique is its ability to look at your organization in a holistic way. From demand generation to sales - all customer actions are tracked, analyzed, reported.
Whether your members are overdue with their fees, or event are sold out. You have a complete insight into your business at anytime.

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