Your organization collects huge amounts of data each and every day.
From browsing behavior of your audience to customer interactions with your teams, a lot of information can be collected in accordance with privacy regulations.

The WEEcommunicate Artificial Intelligence (AI) system taps into the data and applies advanced data science methods to gain reliable and valuable insights.

You can use these insights as a guide for faster decision making and strategic planning.


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Marketing's ultimate goal is to keep its audience engaged.

Our AI-based recommendation system generates a personalized selection of recommended services, products, blogs and articles for each user based on past behavior and patterns and trends of other users.
Sales Funnel Optimization
The objective is to maximize the efficiency at every stage of your sales and marketing funnel. Guiding the lead through the journey to become a happy member or customer.

Our AI platform can make predictions on historical sales data, and deploy initiatives so you can focus sales efforts on the leads most likely to convert.
Churn Reduction
Losing existing members or customers directly impacts the bottom line. There are many factors impacting churn. These factors are complex, and interrelated in non-linear ways, making it often impossible to predict with traditional statistics.

With WEEcommunicate, you can use your member and customer data to create an AI model that predicts which current members or customers are most in danger of leaving and why.
Customer Feedback Classification
Product feedback is a critical part of every product development. The goal is to improve a product and the user experience, and product feedback can help you do just that.

Our AI model can help you classify services and product feedback, predict what your members or customers want next, and optimize your future services and products.

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