By far the most versatile event technology, I have seen. It puts our event planning on a whole new level

Luis Rimoli, StagedRightEvents


Sign up and start creating your event. No download required. Simply use a web browser and turn your concept into reality

Easy To Configure

The user interface let's you choose from many design themes, and create the perfect event experience quickly in intuitive steps

Fully Scalable

Supports many event formats. From seminars to large conferences with breakout sessions and live keynote speakers addressing thousands of attendees


Integrates easily with many video and chat platforms to serve most customers' needs (i.e. AWS, Zoom, Youtube, Skype, MS Meeting, Userlike) Event Platform

Introducing a true end-to-end technology platform that really supports your event planning needs

Highly Individualized Experience
Unlimited Breakout Sessions
Interactive Networking Lounge
Site Search & Resource Center
Content Segmented by Customer Preferences
Group Chat - 1-to-1 Chat - Video
Online Registration with e-commerce Capabilities
Access Control
Membership Management on Demand
CRM on Demand
Real-time Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an event experience platform that makes it easy for you to launch a virtual event. Basically, you can create an individualized event experience for your customers.
Imagine you can set up a virtual event for your conference with a keynote speaker and 10 breakout sessions, each session overseen by a dedicated moderator.
The attendee can sign in to the conference, browse the lobby, the agenda, visit sponsor pages, and join the keynote as well as the individual sessions based on their preferences. let's you create the event experience dynamically without custom coding. The keynote and breakout sessions are served on automatically designed HTML pages. You only need to enter the corresponding meetingID and password of the video APP you want to embed on the session page to complete the set up. When the attendees visit the breakout session they will automatically join the video stream.
Can I stream video like webcasts or webinars?
Yes, you can! Let's assume you choose YouTube to record and publish your webcast. You simply enter the credentials of the webcast into the Management panel for the session. will automatically find the video stream, and present it on the dedicated session page. There is no need for attendees to download any APP when joining your event. The content will be published on a secure and access-controlled webpage created and powered by
I need to present to thousands of people. Can you do this?
Yes, we can. Our platform can serve large audiences. The limits are defined by the video streaming APP you are choosing. We integrate into the top technology platforms such as Zoom, Skype, YouTube or others. Each platform caters to different use cases. We also partner with Amazon - AWS to stream large events through the AWS media servers. We will assist you in choosing the most suitable software.
How can I set up interactive seminars?
Seminars usually cater to smaller audiences. What makes seminars challenging is the need to inspire an online conversation and exchange of ideas and information. is a great tool to enable video and chat features among groups and 1-on-1 quickly and professionally.
Do you support networking events?
Very similar to seminars, networking is all about conversations and the exchange of ideas and information. offers a variety of ways to foster communication: a dedicated networking lounge with group chat and 1-on-1 breakout chat, integrations to WhatsAPP to make this mobile, and fully configured rooms to combine video, chat and more.
How difficult is it to set up an event?
We developed an easy-to-use - self-serve platform for event planners, organizers, businesses and associations, so they can create a professional event within hours. It does not require any programming, HTML, or graphic knowledge. The configuration process is intuitive, enabling many different business models.
Does it include an event registration?
Yes. We do not stop by being pretty. What makes stand out are the many business features "under the hood". Your customers want more. This is why we offer an event registration process with online payment capabilities on demand.
Do you need to sell products during or after an event? Our e-commerce online shop can be switched on demand anytime. Do you need a "Member's only" access to events? Ask us for our member management APP.
Needless to say, you will get free CRM (Client Relationship Management) APP for your event.

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