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The Prime Destination for Your Members

The WEEcommunicate Member Portal is an online hub that can be used for all a member's needs. A public facing site should primarily be used as a resource for non-members and to reach out to new potential members and encourage sign ups. Once someone is a member, they will have no real need to visit the public facing marketing website. This is where the password protected "Members Only" comes in to offer access to different types of content based on a user's subscription which could include free, paid, and/or tiered subscription levels. User subscriptions can also be set to different lengths for exclusive content access, such as one-time, annual, or lifetime access.

The WEEcommunicate Member Portal is created automatically without the need for manual labor. Just configure it once, and it will grow with your member base.

The Complete Customer Engagement Solution for your Business

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Provide Privileged Content

Place "Members Only" content always behind a wall. Access control is to keep sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Think of offering value-adds to your member base, whether it relates to protecting intellectual information or making your members feel special. Access control is a great tool to show visitors the true value of being a member of your organization.

A powerful way to promote the value of your cause.

Member Directory

A "Members Only" section is the perfect place for members to find other members like themselves or others in their area and engage with them. Whether for networking or to collaborate on common projects, the WEEcommunicate platform offers a user-centric place online to connect.

It is also the central location to create a shared and consistent repository about personnel, assets, and resources. Everything in one place!

Managing Member Profile

Updating member profiles, addresses, contact information and more can be very time consuming for member-based organizations. Renewing member agreements and collecting member dues add more complexity to the task. This is where WEEcommunicate is making a huge difference. A secure "My Account" section on the member portal gives members the opportunity to self-manage all aspects of the profile, and pay member due online in a few easy steps.

Simplify your member management today.


Save Time

All-In-One means that you have all necessary marketing tools available at your fingertips.
From Start to Finish.


Increase Quality

WEEcommunicate increases data quality so you can better target your audience with top-notch precision marketing.


Increase ROI

WEEcommunicate helps you to achieve better results, a higher ROI. This leads to happier customers and increased sales.