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Want To Be Social
More than ever, your members crave for social interaction with like-minded people in a safe environment.
This puts a totally new emphasis on your online member hub.
Do you feel restricted by your technology? WEEcommunicate Members is a versatile solution supporting innovative business models you need to excel in today's market.
Is your organization getting squeezed by Social Networks? WEEcommunicate Members can help you become an innovator in your market niche.



Member Hub

Create a fully branded hub or member portal in a few simple steps. Members will be able to access information, connect with other members, find resources, and self-manage their profile in one central, secure space.

Member Directory

Help your members to be social with others, with access rights defined by you, monitored in real-time. Start getting your members back from Social Media platforms, and offer them added value in your organization.

Let your Members Talk

Give your members a microphone. The more you interact, engage with them, the higher will be your member retention. WEEcommunicate Members offers you innovative interaction tools that makes everybody feel heard.

Individualized Access

WEEcommunicate Members is introducing an innovative access control platform, so you are able to individualize your member services. make your members feel special - and entice them to upgrade their membership.

Fully Scalable let's you launch features on-demand. This means you only pay for what you need. When you are ready to grow your organization, we are ready for you. Grow with the push of a button, seriously!


We get it! You need to be different to be able to compete in today's market. This is why WEEcommunicate Members can be configured with ease and at low cost to support your unique business model.


No two memberships are alike. As a business, you want to stand out, and you want to be free to change your marketing. This is why we developed WEEcommunicate Members with a very open-minded spirit.

Members e-shop

Do you offer value-adds to your members? Do you intend to offer products and services (i.e. reward model)? Our e-commerce powered APPS support a miriad of business models - without the need to custom code.

Blogs & Resources

Content is king! Our easy-to-use content manager (CMS) empowers you to publish blogs, news, white papers, and deliver it to the right members with a fine-tuned access rights management.

Events with Registration

Do you offer events to your members? Our fully integrated event management manager let's you set up events easily with e-commerce registrations and a sophisticated virtual event platform - all built in!


More important than ever are sponsors to support your cause! It only takes minutes to activate the sponsorship APP with full quoting, invoicing and online payment capabilities.

Real-time Transactions

Your APP comes with a built-in e-commerce engine that enables you to process, void, refund credit cards, e-checks, wire transfers in real-time. It comes with PCI-compliant data transfer, and reporting to track cash flow.

Full Automation

All of our features come with business automation routines. From automated invoicing, billing, auto-payments, and marketing automation. helps you to grow and stay within the budget.

CRM & Marketing

Our integrated CRM APP gives you an up-to-date 360 degree view of your customer's life. Generate leads through forms in our campaign APP, nurture leads organically, manage your contacts through the complete life cycle.
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