Introducing WEEcommunicate Version 6.0
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Introducing WEEcommunicate Version 6.0

Introducing WEEcommunicate Version 6.0

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Let us start 2023 with a whole new outlook of what is possible! Meet WEEcommunicate Version 6.0.

This latest version of our All-In-One Software Solution for Associations and Event Planners has built-in two major components our clients have asked for:

1.    Email Marketing Platform
2.    Business Intelligence Suite

Email Marketing Platform

The Email Marketing Platform lets you create and send out bulk emails such as newsletters and service announcements to your members. What makes this so powerful is the real-time integration into the CRM. This is where contacts are segmented by demographics, behavior, interests and much more. 
This means that the new Email Marketing Platform can create clusters of members based on these criteria dynamically. No need to create “lists” and keep the updated all the time.
The new Email Marketing Platform is available to our clients as of February 1st. 

Business Intelligence Suite

WEEcommunicate has always been at the forefront of managing complex data and offering real-time reports and analytics on powerful dashboards per module. After all, this is one of the main advantages of an All-In-One Software Solution. No need to compile data form different data sources of questionable quality.

We introduce a new feature in version 6.0 that includes site traffic analytics and combines this with email clicks. As a result our clients can receive detailed information about their members based on clicks, behavior and more. 

All features are unlocked to clients who comply with privacy regulations, clearly communicating to their constituents the use of collected data.

There are many more innovations “under the hood”, mostly data security and performance related.

We invite you to request a demo of all features.

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About WEEcommunicate: WEEcommunicate offers an affordable and easy-to-use CRM All-in-One Software that is available on-demand. Our customers only pay for the features they need with the ability to add more features at any time. This dramatically reduces their IT costs of our clients as integration costs between systems are no longer needed. WEEcommunicate APP Suite consists of most Marketing and Sales oriented applications you need to run your business successfully. And in case you require something unique, we are more than happy to customize and configure our solutions to meet your requirements.