Maintenance Log August 2022
System R&D Log

Maintenance Log August 2022

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

As part of our maintenance program, we have compiled this list of updates:

  • Added advanced search features to the CRM contact and account search page for refined search requirements. While this makes the search a little bit more complex our customers have asked for this functionality to pull more specific lists.
  • Added advanced search features to the Contact Export page for refined search requirements. 
  • Added advanced search features to the Customer search page for refined search requirements. 
  • Added advanced search features to the Member search page for refined search requirements. 
  • Added a profit & loss calculator and ledger to the Project APP that will empower users to not only plan projects but also track expenses and revenue and report on profits in real-time with easy-to-read charts.
  • Updated the Event registration functionality to add event tracks to the registration with business rules to make them optional or required. This lets users create more business models in the complex world of event registrations.
  • Added a simplified Virtual Event Login with email address only while maintaining data security and data safety.
  • Relaunched the Virtual Event Platform with enhanced user experience supporting "single session events". The new simplified user interface is optional and helps the attendee to focus on one session without the many features offered in more elaborate conferences such as banners, sponsor pages, exhibits, resources, search opportunities and more.
  • Added a "bulk delete" feature for flagged activities in header to clean up unused activity flags.

Due to the scope of this maintenance upgrade we decided to launch this as a new version 5.0.