Maintenance Log December 2023
System R&D Log

Maintenance Log December 2023

Monday, December 11, 2023

As part of our maintenance program, we have compiled this list of updates.


  • Added automatic creation of canonical link in header of all content and blog pages. This is designed to help search engines categorize yor pages and assist in the proper ranking.
  • Added automatic creation of a dynamic sitemap to be placed in the root directory. Search engines use sitemaps to systematically crawl the website and rank each page. The higher the ranking the more traffic can you produce to your website. Please frequently use the Google Search Console to manage your search engine optimization strategy.
  • Updated all API's to Authorizenet payment processor. We added features to better manage customer profles and payment information, and update the Authorizenet database in real-time.
  • Updated chart API's to latest version. This is a major upgrade in terms of an enhanced user experience.