Maintenance Log March 2024
System R&D Log

Maintenance Log March 2024

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

As part of our maintenance program, we have compiled this list of updates. The updates have been aligned with the launch of out latest version 7.0.

All listed items are upgrades.

CRM Module

  • added a simple search for contacts and accounts with option to expand search page to advanced items
  • added the functionality to bulk update contacts and accounts with a few simple clicks. The updates refer to 'status', 'owner', 'tags to add', 'tags to remove'. This will simplify the user experience when handling large amounts of data.
  • added notes section for each contact
  • added notes section for each account
  • added a quick overview of contractual engagements of contacts and accounts with provider with 'deep links' to respective information and pages.
  • updated the organization of list pages of contact list and account list.

Marketing Module

  • Relaunched a completely new marketing app with new form builder. The form builder offers many new features.
    • Anonymous surveys which cannot be traced back to the person who filled it out
    • Personally identifiable forms used for lead generation
    • Quick forms vs. multi page surveys
    • Drag and drop form fields with optional advanced configuration
    • Automated form creation
    • Automated landing page creation with instant publishing as website
    • Fully integrated into Campaign module with charts

Member Module

  • added notes section for each member
  • added new reporting charts with flexible search criteria.
  • implemented tracking of allocated hours to each member firm with reporting charts. This will provide the user with transparency of invested hours for members.

Content Module

  • updated menu creator with drag and drop possibility on three levels

Security Updates

  • implemented new security framework

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