Enhanced CRM import functionality
System R&D Log

Enhanced CRM import functionality

Friday, March 11, 2022

Category: Enhancements

Upgrade version 4.2.1

Launched new import functionality for CRM APP. Customer feedback has led us to fine tune the import process:

As before the user has three options:

  • Import only new records not existing in CRM
  • Update all records by overwriting database
  • Augment database with better data

The new logics refers to the "update" selection. When the user imports new information in columns, this information shall overwrite the previous information in the database. Empty columns in the imported spreadsheet will, however, not delete existing information in the database. This will improve the desired data quality without adding more complexity to the import process.

When selecting the "Augment" option the user will only add information to the database, if the existing database record is empty.

The functionality is available immediately.