Introducing our latest version 3.2
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Introducing our latest version 3.2

Introducing our latest version 3.2

Sunday, November 14, 2021

We are introducing our latest version 3.2. This is a comprehensive version upgrade with many new features, focusing on two main topics:

Email Marketing is now fully integrating the CRM database with Mailchimp, a leading email marketing provider. This new feature allows marketers to create fine-tuned market segments through tagging, as offered on our CRM (Client Relationship Management) APP. Contacts and tags are synchronized with Mailchimp, so our clients can target specific target groups through our comprehensive tagging system containing contacts' interests. This improves the quality of email marketing campaigns drastically as recipients will receive more relevant email content. This leads to higher opening rates and a higher engagement and click-through rate to buy products and services.

All information is tracked and reported back to for enhanced reporting of email campaigns.

Personal Virtual Meeting Room

Remote teamwork is becoming the norm. We believe it is here to stay. This has elevated virtual meetings, virtual events, basically everything virtual. is addressing this shift of the work force by introducing an easy-to-use Personal Virtual Meeting Room - a personalized web page for users of that offers real-time video and audio communication to visitors of the page. 

The Personal Virtual Meeting Room integrates to ZOOM, a leading video streaming service. The invitor can use the common ZOOM interface. The invitee simply opens their web browser to go to the web page with the embedded Personal Virtual Meeting Room. It includes all features for professional video meetings with sharing and chat add-ons. The page can be personalized with images, logos and branding possibilities.

Once the invitee accesses the page, they are automatically inserted in the CRM and tracked in the 360 degree Life view of the contact. 

The new Personal Virtual Meeting Room is available to all of our clients as a FREE functionality.

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