Updated CRM Contact Import Process
System R&D Log

Updated CRM Contact Import Process

Monday, November 29, 2021

Category: Enhancements

Upgrade version 3.2.3

Launched simplified import functionality for CRM APP. Customer feedback has led us to rethink the import process, and fields to be available:

  • Required field is first name
  • all other fields are optional. We, however, do recommend to enter last name, email address to ensure a higher standard of data quality
  • The CRM will determine the data base insertions based on entered fields and validity
  • The CRM will check for duplicates based on email > company name > first name and last name
  • User has option to 
    • import only new records not exisating in CRM
    • update all records by overwriting database
    • augmenting database records with better data

The functionality is available immediately.