Maintenance Log December 2022
System R&D Log

Maintenance Log December 2022

Monday, December 12, 2022

As part of our maintenance program, we have added this list of updates:

  • Added more personalization features in your settings to customize the dashboards based on your individual needs.
  • Added a task or to-do tool that enables you to set up tasks and assign owners to the task with deadlines. This supports the increasingly remote work force in organizations.
  • Redesigned the dashboards to display tasks with owners and deadlines so users can easily identify the tasks assigned by them and to them for higher productivity.
  • Redesigned the graphics tools for advanced charting and reporting in all applications.
  • Added an advanced Business Intelligence Suite to augment your regular site analytics tools. This advanced algorithm lets you collect traffic and identify the users, This requires your privacy terms to be updated accordingly to comply with state and federal laws in different countries.
  • Redeveloped the Campaign Manager to include an email system with real-time market segmentation and real-time analytics.