3 Steps to Master the Art of Personalized Marketing
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3 Steps to Master the Art of Personalized Marketing

3 Steps to Master the Art of Personalized Marketing

Monday, August 29, 2022 / Michael Kettenring

Studies show that more than 70% of today’s customers expect every interaction with a business to be personalized – or they lose interest or even their confidence in you. It is more important than ever to “know” your customer at all times, be aware of their needs and interests today. How else can you stand out from the crowd and be the right choice to buy from at the right time? The good old-fashioned sales rep knew this, but what about your 21st century CRM software?

In fact, customer data remains siloed and duplicative across most companies. Larger companies on average have 976 separate applications ( Source: https://www.mulesoft.com/press-center/feb-2022-connectivity-benchmark-report ) to run their business.

What does this mean? Potentially a business has 976 versions of a single customer in different databases across the whole organization. In other words, the customer database may be inflated 976 times with disconnected information. As a marketing or sales manager, does this instill confidence into correct business reports? And does this give you a warm feeling that your next marketing campaign reaches the right target customers?

Larger companies can invest into expensive reporting applications that can connect the disbursed databases and maybe make sense of the data. But what about mid-sized organizations, associations without the $$$ budget?

In our digitalized world, managers want to take advantage of real-time information so they can create personalized marketing campaigns and personalized customer experiences.


Step 1: Regain Control by Breaking down Data Silos

The solution is to take control of software applications, to get rid of unnecessary databases that have spread like wildfire. Make an inventory of all software applications in your organization, list them by their core functionality and rate them by their relation to contact and customer data. Then do research for your industry and find out about the latest All-in-One IT solutions. Rate those by the business functions they support in your organization.
The most difficult but critical step will then be to decide about the best solution going forward and convince your staff to let go of the old application fiefdoms. After “cleaning house” you can start with a fresh mindset and a highly accurate customer database. 


Step 2: Report on Customers in Real-Time

Once you have consolidated your data into one powerful data warehouse you have to find a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that can collect and reporting on each contact in real-time. Very few CRM systems offer this critically important option, and if they do it is expensive. WEEcommunicate calls this the “Life of the customer” to see real-time customer graph and a single source of truth. It is a FREE standard feature in our CRM! We offer a 360 Degree view of each contact that shows all interactions and engagements with your organization. It tracks all purchases, event registrations, participation on surveys, memberships and much more. 
This is the equivalent of the good old-fashioned sales rep reinvented so you can intelligently communicate with every contact having the latest information, interests, needs in front of you.

Step 3: Automate market segmentation to market in time

Let’s start with an example: Sending out an email campaign promoting wedding dresses to a bride after the wedding does not turn into a sale. Yet, most marketing campaigns are static relying on outdated information. This is why it is critical to use the correct real-time information collected above and market in time. 
WEEcommunicate has introduced a CRM tagging logics that not only collects data from your customers but also synchronizes each contact information and its tags (such as interests) with your email system instantly. This ensures that every email campaign will reach the right contact given you have collected the correct information.

These 3 steps make a huge difference in your marketing campaigns and boost trust and confidence among your followers. And it is good news that you do not have to have a big budget to put your organization front and center. It only takes a fresh look at All-in-One Business Solutions and how they can support your organization.


About Us: WEEcommunicate.com specializes in innovative customer engagement technologies. Our All-In-One Cloud Software Solution empowers organizations to market intelligently, increase lead-to-sales conversions, and reduce IT costs dramatically through our proprietary cloud technology platform. We offer an APP Suite with a full set of APPs to support most business models online at low cost.

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