WEEcommunicate announces System Upgrade to Version 4.4
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WEEcommunicate announces System Upgrade to Version 4.4

WEEcommunicate announces System Upgrade to Version 4.4

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

In line with our efforts to add new features to our platform, we created an extended registration functionality . This time we focused on enhancements of user experience.

An important part of our platform is to offer easy-to-use design templates so system admins do not have to be HTML experts when setting up events and event registration pages. Everything needs to be easy, quick, smooth.

In this new roll-out we added 4 new design templates related to "Material Design" concepts, introduced by Google, and the latest craze "Neumorphism", simulating App design features. This provides users with more than 16 design concepts to choose from, all of them following best practices and being ADA-compliant.

The new features are immediately available to all of our customers licensing the Event APP.

About WEEcommunicate:

WEEcommunicate offers an affordable and easy-to-use CRM All-in-One Software that is available on-demand. Our customers only pay for the features they need with the ability to add more features at any time. This dramatically reduces their IT costs of our clients as integration costs between systems are no longer needed. WEEcommunicate APP Suite consists of most Marketing and Sales oriented applications you need to run your business successfully. And in case you require something unique, we are more than happy to customize and configure our solutions to meet your requirements.

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