Apple Email Privacy Update
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Apple Email Privacy Update

Apple Email Privacy Update

Monday, November 29, 2021

Apple announced the release of a new privacy feature in iOS 15 and Mac OS Monterey. Why may this important to you? It matters, if you are using email campaigns to reach out to your audience.

Your contacts using Apple Mail now have the option to enable a new feature called Mail Privacy Protection, which will limit the ability to accurately determine:

  • Whether or when an email has been opened
  • Where a contact is located when they open it
  • The type of device and client a contact is using when they open it

This change may affect how marketers measure the success of their email campaigns and how they engage their contacts. Check your email campaign software provider for more details. integrates with Mailchimp as a leading email campaign software. Mailchimp has promised that:

  • Your emails will continue to be delivered to your contacts who use Apple Mail
  • Engagement within an email (click activity and click rate) will still be reported for your contacts who use Apple Mail.

Mailchimp has just published an article to address these questions:

  • How does open tracking work today, and how does Apple Mail Privacy Protection change it?
  • Does this affect email opened in any other apps?
  • How does this impact my Mailchimp account?
  • How can I prepare for this update?
  • Can I estimate location and determine device type of clients who opt into Apple Mail’s Privacy Protection?
  • How can I measure engagement without relying exclusively on opens?

Please sign in to your Mailchimp admin panel to read more about these changes.