WEEcommunicate announces its latest upgrade to version 4.1
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WEEcommunicate announces its latest upgrade to version 4.1

WEEcommunicate announces its latest upgrade to version 4.1

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 / Michael Kettenring

The main purpose of this upgrade is to provide our customers with more flexibility in handling the workflow.

New features in Event Manager

  • It is now possible for event planners to customize the contact information and email notifications on a per event basis. This empowers you to outsource the event management to service providers, or specific teams within your organization.
  • We refined the user experience in the Virtual Event Platform to include more interactive promotions related to the sponsor section / exhibit hall. This will increase the engagement between attendees and sponsors of the event.
  • Another event related feature relates to the upgrade of the Zoom API, offering more user options as the event promotor. 

About WEEcommunicate:

WEEcommunicate offers an affordable and easy-to-use CRM All-in-One Software that is available on-demand. Our customers only pay for the features they need with the ability to add more features at any time. This dramatically reduces their IT costs of our clients as integration costs between systems are no longer needed. WEEcommunicate APP Suite consists of most Marketing and Sales oriented applications you need to run your business successfully. And in case you require something unique, we are more than happy to customize and configure our solutions to meet your requirements.

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