10 Effective Ways to Cut Operational Costs
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10 Effective Ways to Cut Operational Costs

10 Effective Ways to Cut Operational Costs

Tuesday, June 20, 2023 / Michael Kettenring

Cutting operational costs gains more and more momentum. On the one hand, the media projects the next recession to sell more bad news. On the other hand, keeping an eye on new avenues to reduce costs is simply a good business practice. This is where smart technology solutions provide organizations with the most leverage.

Solutions like the WEEcommunicate.com All-in-One Business Suite can play a significant role in helping associations reduce costs in various areas of their operations. Here are some ways technology can help:

1. Automation of administrative tasksprocess automation

Membership management software, CRM systems, and automation tools can streamline administrative tasks such as member onboarding, renewal processes, billing, and communication. By automating these processes, associations can reduce manual effort, minimize errors, and save time and resources. Ever important event management tasks to engage with members are supported by intelligent technologies. Event registration, check-in, virtual events, and post-event marketing such as surveys and analytics can leverage software applications.

2. Online collaboration and communication

Remote teams are here to stay. This social trend turns out to be the biggest catalyst for new technologies. They enable associations to communicate and collaborate with members, committees, and staff more efficiently. Virtual meeting platforms, project management tools, and document sharing platforms facilitate remote collaboration, reducing the need for physical meetings and associated travel expenses.

3. Digital marketing and communication

Digital channels such as websites, email marketing, social media, and online advertising provide cost-effective ways to promote association events, membership benefits, and other initiatives. Compared to traditional print and broadcast media, digital marketing offers more targeted and measurable results, reducing marketing expenses while reaching a wider audience.

4. Online learning and professional development

Do you want to branch out into education? Associations can leverage e-learning platforms and webinars to offer online training and professional development programs. This eliminates the need for expensive physical venues, travel costs, and printed materials. Online learning also allows members to access educational resources at their convenience, reducing the need for in-person training sessions.

5. Virtual events and conferences

Since Covid, new technology applications enable associations to host virtual events and conferences, eliminating costs associated with venue rentals, catering, travel, and accommodation. Virtual event platforms can offer engaging experiences with interactive sessions, networking opportunities, and exhibitor showcases. Moreover, virtual events can reach a broader audience beyond geographical limitations, potentially increasing participation, and revenue.

6. Data analysis and insightsdata insights

Business Intelligence is slowly merging with Artificial Intelligence. It is time to get rid of old-fashioned spreadsheets! AI-powered data analytics applications provide powerful tools for collecting, analyzing, and gaining insights from data. At WEEcommunicate we utilize the latest AI science to run real-time data reports across all touch points with your constituents and customers.

Associations can leverage data analytics to understand member behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. These insights can help optimize membership offerings, improve targeted marketing, and identify cost-saving opportunities.

7. Online self-service portals

This tool is still underutilized after so many years. Only recently, the GEN X and Millennials are turning away from phones, and using alternative communication tools. Maybe associations will provide members with better online self-service portals where they can manage their profiles, access resources, register for events, and make payments. This reduces the need for manual data entry, paper-based processes, and customer service support, leading to cost savings and improved member satisfaction.

8. Cloud-based infrastructure

Cloud computing offers associations scalable and cost-effective solutions for storage, infrastructure, and software applications. It eliminates the need for expensive in-house servers, hardware maintenance, and software upgrades. Cloud-based solutions also offer flexibility and accessibility, enabling staff and members to access information and systems from anywhere.

9. Online fundraising and revenue generation

Let us also mention some initiatives on the revenue side. Associations can leverage technology to facilitate online fundraising campaigns, donations, and sponsorship opportunities. Online payment systems, crowdfunding platforms, and peer-to-peer fundraising tools provide convenient ways for members and supporters to contribute financially. This reduces the costs associated with traditional fundraising methods like direct mail campaigns.

10. Vendor management and procurement

Technology solutions, such as vendor management systems and e-procurement platforms, can help associations streamline their procurement processes. These tools allow for centralized vendor management, competitive bidding, and contract negotiations, ensuring cost-effective vendor relationships and reducing expenses.

By leveraging technology strategically, associations can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs while enhancing member engagement and delivering value. However, it's essential to consider the specific needs of the association and choose technology solutions that align with its goals and resources.


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