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Elevate the Customer Experience

A versatile event registration platform built for most event formats

WEEcommunicate provides a central place for people to sign up for your events, pay fees online, and keep on track all details of the upcoming event. Our state-of-the art design templates allow the event planner to create beautiful registration pages supporting your brand guidelines. Since no two events are the same, you can configure the event by tracks, privileged access rights by customer type and memberships. The registration flow will be automatically created. This is one of the perks of the WEEcommunicate All-In-One Platform.

Making event registrations pleasurable and accurate.


The Complete eCommerce Solution for your Business

  • Generate and Convert Leads to Customers
  • Generate Revenue and Transact Online
  • Streamline Your Operations
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Generate Revenue

WEEcommunicate lets you collect online payments in real-time. The secure platform is fully integrated into your merchant account to ensure a safe and streamlined payment processing. Do you offer free events? No problem! Each new customer will be automatically added to the CRM. The platform collects registration data, customer preferences, and it creates a profile of each customer for future upsell opportunities.

Improve your bottom line - long-term.

Streamline Registration Tasks

Event registrants are notorious for changing their minds. This is why we built our event registration software to help you plan your event more efficiently, staying on top of your customers' wishes at anytime. It's easy to effectively and concisely update event information, and keep customers up-to-date.

Simplify your work and save time.

Gain Insight into Customer Behavior

Graphic dashboards keep you updated about your event. Whether handling waiting lists, applying coupon codes to registrations, or ensuring that all of your customers are treated as VIP's. All collected data is stored and shared with the central CRM to optimize your future marketing initiatives.

Putting data to work for you.


Save Time

All-In-One means that you have all necessary marketing tools available at your fingertips.
From Start to Finish.


Increase Quality

WEEcommunicate increases data quality so you can better target your audience with top-notch precision marketing.


Increase ROI

WEEcommunicate helps you to achieve better results, a higher ROI. This leads to happier customers and increased sales.