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Market Intelligently

Increase brand awareness, nurture leads, identify the right leads at the right moment, and convert them into sales with our fully integrated technology solution. It's simply smart.

Increase Revenue

Find new revenue sources, launch fully transactional e-commerce APPS with ease - no IT team needed. Sell products, services, events & seminars, memberships - on demand.

Automate & Save Time

Grow without cost overruns. We offer all the necessary features to reduce your operational costs dramatically. From a self-serve "My Account" section to automated billing and payments. Ask us.

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We are all about creating customer-centric online experiences.
This essentially leads to more effective marketing and sales, a higher customer satisfaction, and lower operational costs for our customers over time.

As technology partners we have developed a proprietary end-to-end solution that combines a full suite of business APPS. These APPS help you create marketing campaigns, publish lead generation forms online, manage and nurture contacts in the CRM, and generate sales through our available transactional APPS supporting many different revenue models.
All APPS are fully integrated, and can be switched on or off on-demand without any IT-teams necessary.
We have broken down data silos. This means no more spreadsheets with duplicate or outdated information. No more confusion about the true size of your contacts in your database.
We have eliminated IT integration costs, as our technology has been truly developed in a modular manner with full scalability in mind. You do not have to piecemeal tools any longer, and worry about what will break next.
We provide you with frequent and free system updates, whether they are related to internet security, or additional business features, or a better user experience.
Our technology is fully cloud-based. There are no downloads required, no development necessary. Based on your specific business model and your needs, we configure your fully branded system within a day or so.

You can then launch your new customer experience literally within days. All you need is your strategy, services to sell, content, and a merchant account.

Most importantly: our technology grows with your organization. We can fully customize all features when you need them.
Our suite of APPS is available on-demand. This means you only pay for what you are using.
License fees are starting as low as $199 per month for a small member-organization.
Our license fees scale with your size and the scope of features you use, so we can always guarantee your return-on-investment. has been founded by entrepreneur Michael Kettenring to create an innovative one-stop solution for Marketing and Sales Technologies. Michael and his team has more than 20 years of experience in transforming marketing initiatives into cloud-based technologies for large enterprises and mid-sized organizations.
The first application empowered an association to manage members, events, sponsors in 2002. The very same framework served as the exclusive platform for large enterprises as well as mid-sized customers until 2012. In 2013/14 we totally redesigned the framework utilizing the latest innovations in the cloud such as HTML5 and WebRTC. These innovations and the trend towards virtual conferences led to our latest version, and our proprietary Virtual Event Experience Platform, introduced in September 2020.

The year 2020 will be one for the history books. Not only did it cause incredible hardship for people around the world - it also triggered an unparalleled push of innovation. The way we seek entertainment, the manner in which we engage with others, our decisions how we interact are fundamentally changing.
We will all embrace the virtual world much more than ever before. E-commerce, online shopping is experiencing a new push. Technologies will be developed to create this new immersive shopping experience with 360 degree views, mimicking natural real life shopping.
Of course, onsite conferences and events will come back because the “personal touch” between humans cannot be replaced ever. Virtual events, however, are to become a steady companion. It allows event planners to reach out to new target groups at a lower price. Consumer behavior and expectations are about to evolve the more virtual events are used to connect to audiences. This will inspire new user journeys and a new user experience - and over time we will let go of merely copying real world behavior. This means that avatars as we know them today will be replaced by more dynamic elements to express individualism.
Experience platforms like, production and streaming technologies will respond to these challenges with new engagement and interaction ideas. Put your seat belts on! The future will be exciting!