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Get a 360 degree view of each contact during their lifetime. The CRM is the central database to store all contacts, manage them, share with your remote teams. Our CRM keeps your data "clean", as we have eliminated data silos, which cause duplicates, compromise data integrity. Simply put: your struggle with redundant spreadsheets is over.


Set up marketing campaigns, create lead generation forms, surveys, and place them on any website to generate leads and engage with customers. All user behavior is analyzed in real-time, so you can measure the ROI of all of your campaigns. Most importantly, all leads are automatically inserted and tracked in our central CRM database.

Customer Service

Are you in the service management business? Do you have field personnel visiting customers? Our customer service APP lets you schedule appointments, communicate with customers, and assign jobs and work orders to your remote team. It is fully integrated into our Quoting and Invoicing APP.


Meet the future of events: one unified event platform that supports all of your events in one affordable package. Finally there is one solution to run most of your event formats whether on-site, hybrid, or fully virtual. It includes customizable event registrations with PCI-compliant e-commerce, a check-in kiosk, and a self-serve virtual platform to fully engage with your audience.


Recurring revenue models will become the dominant model in a virtual world. Our Member & Subscriptions APP lets you manage your members & contracts from Sign-up to collecting monthly fees. You can offer your members perks based on memberships. Members have their centralized "My Account" section to keep all infomration up-to-date.


Set up quotes, send quotes to your contacts, manage them through the funnel, and finally convert them into invoices. This APP communicates with your customers so they approve the quote easily online. All data points are synchronized with the CRM in real-time.


Finally, you can set up invoices, send them to your customers with one click with full e-commerce & transactions. All activities are tracked, stored in a PCI-compliant manner. Of course, all data can be easily transferred to your accounting system.


Sponsors play a central part in any association, non-profit, or event. This is why offering sponsors a convenient and secure way to support your organization id paramount to success. We offer fully configurable sponsorship management systems, integrated into all available APPs.
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