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There is nothing like the first impression! The lobby creates the aura of the event. It is the gateway to what comes next. This is why visitors can easily identify their preferred breakout sessions, or go to the network lounge with open chat rooms. A personalized helpdesk ensures that no question is left unanswered.

Sessions & Rooms

You can set up and publish unlimited breakout sessions with streaming video and/or chat, prerecorded videos, moderated by each presenter. You are not limited by streaming technolog apps. One session can be integrated with zoom while others are run via Skype.

Networking Lounge

Why are you going to an event? You want to meet new people. This is why we offer many channels to mingle, network, exchange ideas, chat. It ranges from open chat rooms via 1-to-1 chats to video calls. Our technology integrates into many third party apps to create the most suitable user experience.


Do you have a live Keynote speaker on stage? Our platform supports large productions in which you can stream a live to thousands of attendees. Our server environmment can be hosted by the AWS infrastructure on demand to ensure low latency, high throughput, fault tolerance to make your event successful

Tradeshow Exhibits

Our world has changed drastically. What was once brick and mortar, has become an online adventure. Nothing tells this story better than the shift to virtual tradeshows. We offer a wide variety of options so you can publish a commercial tradeshow, manned by exhibitors in real-time using different technology apps like in the real world.


Event visitors want to zoom in and find their preferred topics quickly. We encourage this by creating a preferences section for visitors. As a result tagged content will be highlighted and is easy to get to.

Search & Resources

We offer a comprehensive site search through keywords and tags. When tagged correctly, this will enhance the event experience for yor customers tremendously.


Sponsors play a central part in any event. This is why you can promote sponsors in the lobby, session pages, and on a dedicated sponsor page. Setting up sponsors is as easy as flipping a switch.

Event Registration

You can set up a seamless event registration process, so customers need to sign up first to be able to access the event. This can include e-commerce functionality with real-time online payments.

Members & e-shop

Do you offer events to members only? Do you intend to offer products and services to attendees (i.e. gift shop model)? Our e-commerce powered Suites support a miriad of business models - without the need to custom code.

CRM & Marketing

Event managers have full access to our CRM Suite to manage leads and customers with full reporting. A Marketing Suite let's you set up campaigns and promote the event through web forms online.

Create your unique Lobby in a few easy steps
Add as many breakout sessions as you need
Trade Show
Add an unlimited number of exhibits
Add a Networking Lounge
We will see more virtual and smaller events for more targeted audiences in the future
Technologies need to pave the way.